Shorter Merri Creek Circuit

I was alone on this ride. The temperature in the day was about 33C – too warm for cycling. When I left home for the ride, it was around 31C but the sun was low in the sky. This made the ride a bit more bearable.

This route is very familiar to me. The Merri Creek Trail section of the ride was mostly uphill but the steep sections are relatively short. It should suit novice to moderately experienced cyclists. My kids (aged 9 and 11) have been with me on this route in the past, so it should not pose too much of a problem for most cyclists.

I didn’t meet many walkers and cyclists during this ride. That was probably due to the heat. As per yesterday’s experience, there were lots of bugs hoovering around the water’s edge. I had my goggles on this time. They didn’t bother me too much.

I rested at the northern end of Coburg Lake after a bridge crossing. I felt a slight cool breeze then. The temperature had probably fallen to 29C by then. After the short rest, I decided to head home. I put my lights on as I didn’t want to be caught out while on the road. I have by then decided to take Sydney Road home instead of using the Upfield Bikeway as I was not traveling with children.

The total distance (door to door) was about 12.5km. It took less than 55 minutes. The temperature was a bit warm for comfort but it was, nevertheless, still a pleasant ride. The warm temperature has discouraged some people from coming out which was a bonus. Merri Creek can be quite crowded during cooler times. This summer looks like its going to be a scoarcher. I thought I should get myself aclimatised, otherwise, I may not get too much opportunity to cycle.

Twilight cycling trip

The day was fairly warm – about 32C. We refrained from cycling in the heat and, instead, decided to cycle before the sunset.

We have not used our cycling lights for sometime now. A quick check revealed that the batteries in one of our lights has run down. A fresh set of batteries did the trick.

With this trip, we decided to do an easy (mostly downhill) ride of Merri Creek and get home via the Capital City trail and Upfield Bikeway. The total distance was slightly over 10km.

Near the end of the Merri Creek section of our ride, the sea breeze arrived. It helped cool the temperature to about 25C – a lovely temperature for cycling.

While on the Merri Creek Trail, we encountered lots of bugs. We should make a note to get the kids untinted goggles for such an occasion. This could prove to be challenging as we have never seen untinted goggles for children.

Overall it was quite a pleasant ride. The fact that it was a night ride made a familar route more interesting.